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    We are so happy to share our inspiration and meet all of you. Please join us on our journey of the Science of Yoga that guide us to longevity, rejuvenation, proper balance of all energies in the body, and self-knowledge. We specialize in yoga for auto-immune, however, we will take an individualized approach to every student, as every human constitution manifests its own functioning. We are grateful for the opportunity to address the unique needs of all of our students, and to bring to light the teachings of yoga philosophy.


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What to Expect

Mahad Yoga studio welcomes everybody, even if you are unable to touch your knees and elbows! We suggest you do not eat for two hours before class to avoid nausea, heartburn and heart palpitations. All classes will be an hour long including 5 minutes of yoga philosophy and explanation of the asanas, and 10 minutes for restorative asanas. Any class can be as hard as you would like or as moderate as you would like, and we will show you all the available variations for traditional asanas. After class we will help you build your own routine according to your needs, so that you can practice when you are traveling or don’t have the time to visit the studio. Recorded classes will be available online for members only.

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Facebook has given us a platform to be active in sharing with yogis all across the globe. We hope to inspire our community and encourage an on-going conversation about yoga, its benefits, our personal journey, as well as your journey. Please don’t hesitate to come with questions or comments, let’s inspire one another and let's help each other grow!